There are endless clothing options for your favorite team, but only Fan by Design delivers professionally designed and high quality apparel tailored for your fan group.

You get together each game day. You laugh, you drink, you cry, you drink some more. You're more than just a few people getting together, you're a tight knit fan club. Now you can unite as one with stylish, fan-focused apparel for your group. Order in bulk, set up a fan club store and order with no minimums, or both!


Your apparel is made with pride by a professional designer with over 23 years experience. Most of all, it's made by a die-hard fan who runs a fan group that's personally experienced how hard it was to do this. Now, Fan by Design wants to help you do the same, without the hassle.


Learn how you can quickly and easily get quality apparel for your group, customized with your logo.


Fan by Design was founded by Robert David Torres, a die-hard Jets fan, along with fellow die-hard Rocco Joel, co-founded the popular San Diego Jets Fans club in 2008. The group had been meeting informally in Solana Beach, CA since 2000.


Robert's trials and tribulations trying to efficiently source custom group gear, along with his background in design, led him to start Fan by Design.


The San Diego Jets Fans meet every week at Taste and Thirst in the heart of San Diego's Gaslamp district. If you're a Jets fan and are in town, come join us!

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